We have a vibrant gambling and betting law practice, with a particular expertise in Internet and mobile gaming. Online gambling is the fastest-growing sector of the global gaming industry and we act for, among others, casinos, sportsbooks, and poker operators. In this sphere, we counsel our clients on:

  • Regulatory and licensing matters in Canada and internationally

    We guide our clients through the intricacies of the gaming provisions in the Criminal Code, the Competition Act, and other Canadian federal and provincial statutes. We also offer our perspectives on international rules and regulations impacting gaming. Our clients often initially ask where to obtain a gaming licence. We prefer to look at game design and the overall objectives of the business to determine whether licensure is appropriate and, if so, how and where it will meet our clients’ objectives.

  • Creative solutions to legal game design problems and issues

    We work with our clients to design, implement, and promote offerings that comport with applicable law. We have expertise in and have had particular successes with skill-based games in Canada and negotiating no-charge agreements with law enforcement. In this way, we help provide certainty in a legal area that often lacks it.

  • Deal structure and financing

    We formulate creative ways to bring parties together and finance their visions. We work with international joint ventures and consortia to define and refine their objectives, implement appropriate financing, structure themselves efficiently, and execute on their operations.

  • Assessing corporate design to meet business objectives

    The location and structure of a gaming or betting enterprise is hugely important; resource, stakeholder, licensing, regulatory, tax, and other objectives all come into play. We help our gaming clients create and evaluate their corporate and business structures with a view to meeting their strategic and operational goals.

  • The reach of governments’ conduct and manage responsibilities

    Governments continue to evolve in their approaches to gaming and betting, especially when it comes to Internet wagering. We have helped provincial governments in Canada understand their rights, obligations, and opportunities in the online gaming space, particularly with respect to the conduct and manage requirement under the Criminal Code. We have also consulted with international governments on various strategies and opportunities in Internet and land-based gaming and betting.

  • Tax optimization

    Tax planning is critical for commercial enterprises. We build efficient tax plans for clients to meet sundry objectives, including optimizing the amount of tax they pay globally. We leverage our own experience as attorneys and accountants and we work with international networks of professionals to add value in this important area.

  • Payments and banking issues (whether involving bitcoin or otherwise)

    Payments is a key business driver in the Internet gaming sector. We start by trying to understand all of our clients’ various objectives, and then we begin to build solutions based on our extensive knowledge of payments. These solutions extend from traditional banking and payment services to the cutting edge of e-commerce and block chain technology. No one size fits all, and we leverage the right solution and tools to meet our clients’ goals.

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